• Ayesha Patel

Becoming Myself


By accessing myself, I learn to accept myself. I choose to explore all facets of myself, and by doing so, I learn that all my parts make up a whole; a whole that is me.

I am who I am when I feel that essence that clicks. I am who I am when I am aligned with the feelings of joy, bliss, and gratitude.

I may feel sad at times, but I am not a sad person. I feel sad because I am a person who is, at the core, unapologetically happy. But I choose to accept the spectrum of emotions I feel and the actions I make, because they are pieces of me. Human components, such as my ego, are aspects of me, but still serve as necessary tools in reminding me of this path I’m on in becoming and embodying myself.

So, I release this need to become someone else. I release this aim for perfection. I’m still human at the end of the day with a variety of parts. And I think it’s quite beautiful to be able to embrace all of those forms.

I am not my shadow sides, but to fully become myself, I learn to accept myself through accessing all of the elements which create me.


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