• Ayesha Patel

Collectively Alone


Loneliness can be too familiar of a stranger at times.  Just like love.  Anything that prompts you to challenge your identity or your place in the world… loneliness and love are too distant, so much so that our brains fuse the two concepts together.  Sometimes we feel lonely because we’ve uncovered our roots and deracinated our weeds to the extent that we have covered our groundwork. We’ve closed ourselves off from the world as a result of finding ourselves.  

We’ve revitalized our seeds and we presume it’s best to plant ourselves away from all we once knew and all there is.  No matter what the resources are around us, we assume that we are the only ones who understand our own selves; we are the only force capable of nourishing and aiding ourselves. Sometimes, when we know ourselves so well, the world becomes so distant.  Home becomes the place in our minds. The feelings of insanity and being misunderstood linger over us. Our minds yearn for an explanation as to why our interactions won’t quite click. Perhaps you’ve had a taste of this soulful connection. Or, maybe your spirit repines for a force you have not felt but are too familiar with.  How is this feeling of being understood such a mundane instinct? We dissipate ourselves in love in hopes to overflow and eradicate our own barricade with the world. We give and seek love through like-mindedness, hoping to find ourselves in another just as we have found our core amongst our own human ego.

But yo.  It’s time to reinvent our own game.  Focusing our energy on this ceaseless endeavor to succeed at finding a walking replica of our minds is an unending quest.  This sense of detachment and esoteric awareness plunges you down a spiral you don’t realize you’ve sunk down until you hit the ground.  You lose contact with your roots, and instead grow in agitation with the world. It’ll send you on suicidal spells while somehow empowering you of your more paramount purpose in the world.  This abstruse pursuit of this universally-oriented soul purpose is the ultimate game changer. It’s a piece on the game board that you’ll eventually have to land on, because it’s the underlying force to all of this seclusion; it’s the piece that’ll allow you to win the game.  It’s the reason we’re all alive at this time and on this plane together right now. We’re here to remember that yeah, we might feel alone, but we’re all here right now to feel this sense of loneliness together.

That sense of unity and interconnectedness still lies deep within all of us.  Whether you’re able to feel it- whether you choose to feel it or not- we bond over these basic, yet profoundly simple feelings and emotions.  Let us help each other. Let us learn from each other to help each other. We’re all fragments of one collective soul- sometimes vibrating on different frequencies.  Let us transform and transmute those vibrational spectrums into love through compassion and acknowledgement once again.

My heart is open to you.



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