• Ayesha Patel

Create from the Classics

(Journal Entry: February 2020)

I say that it is not only important, but necessary, to expose yourself to the classics. Classic literature, classical music, classic dance… art which is still rooted in its origins. Classic art extends beyond a temporary emotional fix; classic art is not just a mere expression and solution for a temporary problem. Art produced years prior, which can still hold resonance today, indicates a true expression of human nature as a whole. It represents an outlet of existence.

This is the kind of art which inspires me the most. Art produced as a comfort mechanism is touching and needed in a moment, but the art which propels me forward- the art which launches me over lifetimes- are the classics. They are the creations which never cease creating.

Art hits differently, regardless of whatever mood you are in. That is known. You hear music differently depending on which emotional state you are in. We know this from experiencing it constantly. But true art- regardless of sad or happy undertones- should propel you forward. It encourages a vulnerability from all of the emotions. It is comfort, but it is also a wakeup call. This art is not produced from a human level, but rather at a celestial tier.

The art which makes me feel most human is that which is created at a divine level. Ironically, the art which helps me feel most grounded is the kind that is channeled from the heavens. You’re here, but you’re not when you create. It’s something otherworldly that you allow to flow through you. You’re not human, because your brain doesn’t get in the way. Or perhaps, that also makes you most human.

Art is a walking contradiction. It is a balance of ethereal and Earth. A harmony between living and dying. A liberated entrapment. It is freedom in the sense that it focuses, in detail, on every human emotion and expression. You relive the entire energy spectrum at once. That is why you feel so alive. Because when you are forced into this world of feelings, you are obligated to turn inward and wholeheartedly view yourself as a human being.


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