• Ayesha Patel

Daily Dose of Optimism


Everything comes as everything goes… everything seems to enter as everything seems to close.

I’m recognizing that as life ebbs and flows, there are no true losses, only gains.  You incarnate as the universe, you incarnate with abundance. As you become an observer to the ebb and flow of life, you remain drifting amongst that same copious, universal current.  Life’s oceanic inhales and exhales are all a part of the same, cyclical source. Changes and transitions in external environments as well as the motion of emotion is a concept to be celebrated.  With change comes opportunity, with opportunity comes reflection. The end is always the beginning as the beginning may be viewed as the end. Even amongst all of the chaos, there is always a steadiness and a balance to be admired.  

As new obstacles surface, you may compare the situation to prior events.  You may view the past as a better time, or you may view your former hardships as a more negative time period.  Undoubtedly, from my experience, there is some link that can be formed. Perhaps your personal growth has yielded a wiser and fresher perspective, enabling you to navigate more complex situations.  There is always a sense of closure that can eventually be made with a new circumstance. However, not everything may seem transparent. It is necessary to continue sailing amongst the tides and not rush the natural movements.  Being aware that you still stream from an overarching source empowers you with more flexibility and gracefulness, a trait encompassed in ocean waves. Yet, the ease and adaptability you possess is not a result of surrendering.  As you flow, you embody all of the might, capability, and influence that is seen amongst the ocean’s movements.  

Awareness is the equivalence to reclaiming your power.  


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