• Ayesha Patel

Energy Exchange

When energy exchange between people is imbalanced, it distorts the universal flow.

From verbal communication, to physical touch, to money, to simply friending someone and having their life on your social media feed, there is always a form of energy exchange happening.

As counterparts to a collective consciousness, when there is disharmony or imbalance in an exchange between people, it distorts the overall movement. Due to different values, created by culture and environment, there is a very evident difference in how we know to barter energy.

For example: Is withholding information under the umbrella that we so call “lying?”

If you hear different people’s definitions, some may say that withholding information is not lying unless you’re directly asked about that specific knowledge, while others may say not speaking up, regardless of whether or not you’re asked, is lying.

We all don’t follow universal definitions for words surrounding values. Thus, how we allow the flow of divine energy move through the whole system is distorted.


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