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Healing & Recovery: A Vow to Myself

(An “old” journal entry from 4/7/21)

Recovering and healing from self-harm and self-negligence. A vow to myself.

I, Ayesha Patel, forgive myself completely. I hold compassion, love, understanding, and a sacred space for myself to grow, and I vow to change my relationship with myself forever. I now put myself as a priority to restore, reflect, and recharge when I need it. I permit myself time to indulge in the human experience through enjoying life with food and time spent on activities I am passionate about, even if I choose to not share them with the world.

Activities and food which bring me happiness are forms of self-love, and I deserve that soulful nourishment. I grant myself acknowledgment of the work I do put into my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I am allowed to feel proud of my discipline. I am also allowed to be human and have rest days, or days when my daily habits take a pause. These are only temporary moments, and I am allowed to enjoy the change.

I now understand it is necessary to listen to myself. I validate my own emotions and feelings. I hear my own gut louder than anyone else. I don’t need the world to tell me if what I feel in my heart is wrong or right. I am allowed to trust myself.

I don’t need permission to be myself. I am proud of who I am and what I stand for, and today I embrace the woman I am confidently. I am allowed to feel right in my own skin, love my body, feel at home in myself, and be at peace with my spirit. I don’t have to be ashamed of who I am.

I am allowed to release the words that no longer serve me, opinions that hold me back, and behaviors that are uncomfortable. I have choice. And today I choose to embrace the love and light within me. I choose to receive the love and light around me.

Today, I choose love. For myself, for the universe, for the world. I forgive myself and release the weight of yesterday so I can fly freely in the moment. I am emancipated from the chains of society, trauma, and myself. I follow love, I follow joy.

Today I fly.


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