• Ayesha Patel

Human Connection, Divine Intervention, Artistic Ascension

Human connection, soul reflection. Fractals of a whole. What roots me most in this continuous linkage of the matters I care most about emanates from human connection. I haven’t always accepted this, because the zest I find stargazing on a solitary night hike, the rejuvenation of going for a run amidst a desolate downpour, and my fuel for art… I thought required less socialization and more intentional isolation.

But now I recognize that the presence I feel in the privacy of nature, or the internal unearthing needed to express myself through physical, emotional, and spiritual art begins with my care- my necessity and appreciation for overall human connection.

The presence of, the lack thereof, interacting in the human form with the human form is what sparks my drive and heightens my unification with a divinely vibration greater than me. The privilege to meld with others unveils myself to myself. It ignites my passion to follow empathy, to serve Mother Earth and her people. It’s my tether to act through love so that my actions serve love. Human connection is my reminder to keep my mind open, hold love, and allow the infinite beauty through the various voices of people serve as my reminder to catalyze change. Because through this interconnection, we understand that the muting of one voice hinders us all.

Thus, human connection can energize emotions. And in turn, emotions and feelings can unite the interpretation and creation of art with the spiritual world.

Art is my existence. My passion for composing music to create an auditory visual of my current life flow, the humbling tactic of dancing naked in my bathroom for hours on end, the rush of rawness from writing out my unfiltered self, acting on stage by embodying a character made possible solely through empathy… requires the human experience. It stems from people.

Human interaction is inspiration. People’s ambitions, people’s appetite to nurture their own light, people’s creative outlets, ripple out to create mine.

We are all one large art piece. I move to the music left by others, I write from the emotional triggers I face by interacting with people, I am able to perform by noticing human behavior.

I get to create from what people have already created through what sparked something in them. Human interaction is and forms one, infinitely expanding work of art.

If art is a curator for my existence, it is inevitable that I care so deeply for its foundation that is human connection.

Understanding peace, understanding euphoric laughter, abysmal loneliness, vulnerability… these elements in human nature guide me to connect with source and find an internal balance for this external teacher. The polarity of connection and isolation inspires me to dive within myself to reach a universal union. Human connection may yield seclusion, but nevertheless, it propels me to find my internal balance and ethereal alignment.

It is human connection that uproots the aliveness I feel when I’m alone in nature or when I’m by myself embodying myself through art.

Human connection reveals the strongest groundedness within the human experience and the simultaneous tie to the universe. Our visceral alliance is one large art piece, which makes us inevitable creative collaborators. It constructs the dualistic intertwinement of all worlds and feelings. The presence of human connection- whether labeled positively or negatively, will inexorably illuminate the seed of existence, passion, and purpose through love and enjoyment.

Human connection, divine intervention, artistic ascension, means we unavoidably fabricate this constant reinvention to illuminate our journey as one human extension.


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