• Ayesha Patel

Love Dims the Illusion of Power


With every action, there is always a reaction.

We cannot control the responses of others. We cannot force anybody to do or think anything. However, there is always a trigger. There is always a belief that intervenes itself into a situation that causes somebody to react in such inhumane ways. We must remember that just as how all of us are connected, every action is in response to another. We are all part of this ripple effect. And in being a part of something so delicate, we must remember that even though others’ actions are out of our control, our responses are just as powerful.

Instead of channeling anger towards those with contrasting perspectives into greater violence, we must take a more authentic approach…

I’ve always been one to believe that love comes most naturally. Love is what we are. We do not practice love. Love is not taught to us. We simply are love.

Love is omnipresent. However, the present day acts of violence and hatred all around the world have blinded some. The idea behind loving has been so polluted that we cannot even attempt to unveil this binding force and way of being to them. Ignorance towards the idea of unity and oneness is exceedingly prevalent amongst those who live in a world of separation. As a result, the idea that we are all one is so abstract that they cannot even begin to hear it.

How does one make a point to those that cannot even comprehend that the essence of our souls- unconditional love- exists? Living together in unity cannot be accomplished until we remember who we are. Living together as one cannot succeed until everything we know can be seen as its polar opposite. Living together in harmony cannot be achieved until both sides acknowledge the other perspective…

Addressing that we are all a part of one cannot begin in a specific community. We cannot advocate love and equality for only one group. We can never express that there is more importance towards the justice of one section of humanity. As a result of doing so, WE create and enforce this idea of division.

If we wish to live together peacefully, we must focus on everybody. We cannot give more love to only one group. That is not love. We need to start acting from within. We need to start by seeing ourselves in everyone else, despite our beliefs. Let’s focus on what comes most naturally to us rather than listening to the voice inside our head. Let us all reflect on the beliefs that we create for ourselves before going out and taking action. Let us move past the belief that “it is not my place to speak”.

Freedom cannot thrive with the existence of oppression.

We must love ourselves. In doing so, we are capable of loving others. This domino effect that occurs when we transcend this self- love into noticing our divine connection with others sends a more uniting vibe out into the universe. The reaction of acceptance and love is not one that is expected by the other side. This may startle the opposing side and influence them to react in a different, maybe harsher way. In the end, however, they will see that this game was never about power. Although their perspectives may never change, continuously acting through love eventually dims the illusion of power…

It is, was, and will never be about us vs. them. We are all a part of the universal flow. Our actions inevitably affect each other’s actions. Acting from the soul WILL impact others, because we all stem from one another.

Hatred and violence will not cease until we realize that it is not up to us to change the minds of others. Change will occur when we allow the universal language of love to speak, because it is the composition that comprises all of us.

One love,



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