• Ayesha Patel

Never Enough!

The more I write, the more I think, and the less I share. The last couple of months I’ve been in one of the most inward, reflective, creative headspaces. I’ve been the most determined but the least confident in my execution. Creative headspaces often open you up to the entire world of ideas. One thought unleashes an entire array of connected and insightful topics, and sometimes it feels like a never-ending download. It gets difficult for me to feel like something is ever complete and “ready” to be shared, because I know it can always be better.

I’ve had to surrender centering myself around this notion of releasing work when the timing feels aligned. I do believe in alignment, I do believe in matter matching up vibrationally, but when it comes to art, it’s rarely going to feel aligned for the overt actuality that there’s always more to be expressed. You’re not ignorant to the plethora of knowledge in front of you; you see all that you are capable of accessing and channeling.

Nevertheless, everything is bound to evolve! It’s perfect as it is now, because it’s all you in the present moment. Of course it’s going to expand, because you’re evolving every second. It can feel frustrating to know that there are so many more layers of richness that can strengthen your creation, but that’s only because when we do anything with art, anything with expression, we aren’t creating resistance.


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