• Ayesha Patel

No Solution, Only Evolution (Pt. 1)

There is no solution. There is only evolution.

At some point, animosity towards the inequalities, injustices, and all of the other imbalances in society stops being a trigger for change. Perceiving the world as being problem-filled and wanting to fix that which doesn’t align, only causes you to engage an answer you’ll forever try to find.

You match the vibration of your focus. If you know something is “wrong” and your desire is to address the matter by omitting the current mentality, it means your stance is simply more evolved than what you recognize is amiss.

To quote Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” To revolutionize these disturbances, we must not resist evolving them into the energy that does align with more soulful values. Disappointment, indignation, and any other feeling evoked from a place of ego- a lack of unconditional love- prevents us from effectively ascending. We know that if the world had a little more love and a little less ego, our heaviest concerns would diminish. However, when we contain ourselves in a space with these disconnecting feelings, we push ourselves away from taking actions through love in order to achieve this omnipresent love we long for.

To act from love, we have to allow the love to flow through us by acknowledging our purpose, our passions, and what we feel to be right. To restore balance in the world, we have to first check whether we are in harmony with ourselves…



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