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Where to begin…

I’d like to start out by acknowledging that religion can be viewed as a way of allowing one to feel like an accepted member of society. In a way, religion has the illusion of bringing similar people together.

However, religion creates a false, one-direction journey for these different groups. I view religion as a belief system, in which people are forced into ONE direction of faith and hope. By having a single path, people are restricted because they are not even capable of hearing or seeing other perspectives and viewpoints.

Therefore, religion controls your mind by forcing you to follow rules in order to achieve meeting and being protected by a higher power, or God.

In reality, (I presume) religions all feed off of the same spiritual aspects of seeking the higher power. In other words, EVERY religion is based upon the underlying foundation of being able to discover your connection with the universe. Religion manipulates this by giving you a set path instead of allowing you to discover your own path.

Only you know your truth.

Instead of you seeking from within, religions enforce that you seek externally.

In doing so, one is not even given the chance to discover the truth.

Alternatively, assumptions are taken in as the truth.

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