• Ayesha Patel

Society's Child

Spring, 2014

Winding ourselves up a snake-like path,

We let our struggles terminate us.

We seek shelter from avaricious eyes

That feed off of mockery;

Pilfering our only food

Which consists of belonging.

For that is the missing piece-

To be desired by our surroundings.

However, this is the darkness that diminishes our light-

For we are all ravenous.

Unity has been stripped away from us

And without it, we will succumb.

But food will not salvage us.

Our bodies malnourished

For the last satisfaction of knowledge,

The missing piece of humanity,

And the last bite of Unconditional Love.

Only then will our stomachs forestall

To desist our ego from prying us open,

And leak out with their growls

To entice us to be weak

From terminating our struggles

©2018 by Dissolving Duality.