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Surrendering Presence

I am inspired by every soul I encounter. I don’t have one definition for love, because I fall in love everyday. I feel truth everyday. I find inspiration in every song, every interaction, every breath… for every moment brings in the ability to connect in a newly familiar way.

Newly familiar. Familiar strangers. I find myself coming back to this idea daily. I may have no recollection of you at an earthly or soul level, yet we will find a sense of universal truth amidst each other. Perhaps we are polar opposites, or possibly we have verbal moments of acknowledged understanding.

Whatever the case, I find you are no stranger to me. Your presence reflects something in me, it merges with me in such an unexplainable way, yet I feel every ounce of clarity where it spawns.

I fall in love with every human being. Please continue being in your zone. Surrender to that voice that is yours and demands to be expressed. Because that’s you. And the world needs that. Because your unique essence is irreplaceable, but your individuality is connected to the rest of ours. There is a universal awareness that gets acknowledged through any extent of connection. Whether it comes in the form of nature or a silent nod at a stranger, feel recognized by recognizing that life is birthed through those moments of surrendering presence.


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