• Ayesha Patel

The Thing With Silence- Spoken Word

A spoken word piece/ freestyle. Best read aloud.

The thing with silence is that it gets to be so deafening at times. There’s an inaudibility when you begin hearing your own thoughts. There’s this voice in the back of my mind that demands to be heard, demands to be healed. I don’t typically know what to say. I feel a lot, but maybe I need to hear a little bit more?

Because the voice that can break me

Is the voice that can make-

These cycles dissipate.

Because, you know, the thing with silence, is that it gets to be so deafening at times. Because these voices in my head- they’re not even mine half of the time. My mind speaks so loudly because my voice wants to say something, but it’s been muted into submission.

Once I wrote that:

In time, the world will know her secrets.

Every moment of void,

Succumbing to her meekness.

To loathe a body you’ve labeled as sin

In tuning her out, you’ve let him win.

It wasn’t her choice to let him in.

You have only seen what he wanted you to hear

His sanity is what you ought to fear.

Ponder your moments too,

For when he’s not beguiling her,

He’s after the innocence of you…


If I hush these secrets within my own mind

Then I’m allowing myself to become more blind.

And by falling victim to the repressed silence

I come to find

It only perpetrates the abusive cycles in due time.

When you’re young and nobody causes a scene,

it seems something’s wrong with your inner light maybe...

But I’m causing a scene-

It’s the only way to intervene on this

Misogynistic machine

And reclaim what it means to be queen

You see what I mean?


Yes, the silence can be so deafening at times.

But it’s only because my voice demands to scream

Demands to be seen.


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