• Ayesha Patel

Un-fixing the World

The ego is a crafty one. Fabricating when you intend its absence. Departing when You truly emerge. The ego destroys, the ego nurtures. It’s what ignites my fire while extinguishing it.

I live a life where I don’t have to fear not having food and clean water to keep me alive. Because of this, I recognize abundance, and I hold love, compassion, and gratitude. However, because of this, I feel like I don’t utilize my time and my resources as much as I wish to. Every moment I’m not doing something to directly unveil this systemic subjugation and support a new foundation feels wasted.

So I ask myself: what is it specifically that I live for? What I’d die for?

Simply put, it’s myself.

I stand for so many things, because there are a plethora of issues I care to address. But I’m understanding that I’m not here to live for the lives of others. None of us are. We didn’t incarnate to be fueled by the vibration of agitation and rage… we aren’t here to be charged by the vibrations of injustice to “fix” an existing problem. We’re here to offer our own light through our genuine love for the planet and ourselves through living out our truths, bringing forth the new paradigm. If we focus on “fixing” issues that we had no part in creating, we’re matching those vibrations in a sense. We’re playing the polarity of an energy we don’t want to associate with. We aren’t here to push compassion, that’s ego-based. We aren’t here to directly advocate for how we should all love each other, that’s an artificial approach.

I have a tendency to "over-try" in spreading what I stand for. It’s stressful in a sense, and I should not have to think that much. The lesson I’ve been learning is that I have been blessed with resources which keep me from worrying about body survival, so now it’s all about keeping my spirit alive. Following the ego to rid the ego only does so much… Being motivated by your feelings which were instigated by the problem creates resistance. We aren’t finding a solution to a problem, because we are here to create an entire new way to live and approach humanity.

How do you express yourself? What is it that you enjoy? Not even what you’re “good” at necessarily, but what would you love doing most if there was no expectation for any type of outcome?

1. What do you love doing?

2. What comes naturally?

3. What do you do naturally/ as second nature that provides service to others?

4. What can you consciously do to provide aid to others?

5. What do you wish to learn to do to serve others?

Putting myself first is a lesson I’ve struggled with. But if you focus on others before you’re even able to be there for yourself, I’ve found that the ego interferes and turns selfless acts into selfish ones. You’re going to be of service to make yourself fill a void, to feel like you’re doing something to give you purpose… at the root it’ll be for yourself.

The vibration of love and purity you emit through your craft is what people will resonate with.

Follow love. Follow your love. You don’t have to rely on your brain to plan out the most impactful way to spread the message of love. Patience doesn’t become a thing when you’re doing what you love. Patience is what happens when you’re waiting. If you just do what makes your heart happy and put your brain to rest, then damn. There is no rushing or distorting the process. At that point, you’ve got it.

You see people who use their power to promote oppression to the system. You already know the list. Chasing materialism, acknowledgment, security, etc. through ways they may not love, but for results that fill a void. They gain influence because 1) the system was built to glorify this route and 2) they’re feeding the current egoic belief system. Beliefs stem from the heart because you buy into it. You invest your energy into an idea and allocate your heart and soul towards this construct. If people can take the less conscious way to impact a society, I believe we can dismantle the current belief structures and evolve into a more sincere community by redefining what it means to be by authentically being…


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