• Ayesha Patel

Unmasking (a freewrite)

Word Vomit 4:

Unedited, automatic journaling entry (13 mins, June 2019)

There is power in light. More than there will ever be of the dark. We are greater than we’ve ever realized, influential beyond measure.

But… what is “dark?” It is the accumulation of our greatest, unspoken desires. It’s manifestation of all that we fear, yet it has the potential to be all we wish to embody.

Darkness both helps and hinders the journey to our truth. It’s what pushes you away, yet it’s what can steer you back on path.

You encounter darkness when you are of light, or you are on your journey to reclaim the light. You encounter darkness when you are stuck… with motivation. Darkness is a drive. It is an energy that pushes you towards your breaking point, but when you’ve reached that, it lures you back in- testing your willpower to withstand it. Darkness is might. It’s love’s greatest companion and ultimate enemy.

You see yourself in totality. If you distinguish yourself in the dark, you’re viewing yourself in the most profound depth. You witness yourself in a way that only you understand.

If you fall in love with darkness, it will do you justice… but it will also do you harm. It’s liberation. Darkness brings freedom, enabling you to express yourself in the purest of ways. Yet, it will be detrimental. How? People aren’t ready for the truth. We see what we want to see, and we talk ourselves out of that which we don’t.

So, we turn on our artificial light. We put on a facade we’ve let others assemble. Occasionally, when our motivation becomes devotion, this mask disbands. The glimmer of our authentic nature can even be enough to rupture it. If you’re lucky, you experience breathing at your own rhythm, through your own system.

It’s frightening to unmask. It’s unpredictable what uncovering ourselves can do when those around us dismiss that we are veiled. But we are wearing something that deteriorates in quality each year. The materials no longer work for today’s pollution. The air will permeate it, inevitably disclosing you too.


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