• Ayesha Patel

You’re the Scribe You’re Subscribed to


Today, like everyday, I am living my best life.  I am living my dream life. I am in control of my reality, and everything my higher self needs and wants exists right now.  

Today, like everyday, you are living your best life- you are living your dream life. Frustration, fury, heartache, illness, excitement, satisfaction… every emotion is thriving within your fantasy.  There is no covert complexity to the fact that the point you’re at in this very moment is all you have aspired to feel, be, have, and experience.    

If you’re filled with ambivalence, perhaps you argue simply that you know what your “dream” entails, and you’re undeniably not living that.  However, let’s take a step from the conventional mind’s desire and tap into the reality of it all.

Because I am all of creation, so nothing separates you from me, everything matches the vibration I emit.

With everything connected, you are all that is.  Everything is a vibration, so whatever you emanate is the vibration of what you’re going to engage.  We’re familiar with karma, but we still question why “bad” things happen to seemingly good people. The whole notion of karma is a belief, and when you recognize that YOU are the creator, YOU choose what beliefs to subscribe to, and realize that YOU are the scribe

Frankly, we’re on the earthly plane, and everything in our lives connect to us as energetic beings.  As humans, we categorize what we energetically attract as “good” or “bad,” thus influencing our attitudes and perceptions to be “good” or “bad.”  It all starts and returns to our individual selves.

I’ve always had knowledge of these concepts, but now I’m finally starting to apply this understanding in my life.  I’ve had to let go of the idea that life needs to be stressful and strenuous before I can be “highly successful.”; I’m releasing the belief that to appreciate the good you have to experience the bad.  Everything we hold to be true is energy.  Allow yourself to release obligations to any type of energies that are at all unfulfilling, even if there is a societal stipulation. Your energy is your tool, your fuel, and your machine. 

In our realities, let’s create a space for experiences and encounters to flow effortlessly.  

As I remember that I am in charge and came here for specific reasons, life’s sometimes “cruel” journey becomes welcoming and empowering.   I am a manifestation of my imagination, and I bask in abundance. I can appreciate events which trigger the spectrum of emotions, because I know that I am in the inevitable flow of emotions- my emotions.  I am both the creator and the destroyer.  I see that I am all, I am One, and I am in control.    

I encourage you to begin your day by creating an intention and holding/ referring to that energy throughout the day.  Notice how that focused vibration begins to manifest into your reality.


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